Artist Bio

Lynn Ruff

I have sewed, hand stitched, and quilted from my teens years. One of my friends, in our quilt group, shared her fibre art with me. This motivated me to take the challenge to create fibre art.

Mixed Media

Black and Grey Panel

Inspiration came from a marking workshop and panels I saw at an art exhibit at the International Ploughing Match in Vernon On.

100% cotton and wool fabric, buttons, yarn, acrylic paint. Techniques: Machine and hand stitching.

Hung: 21 inches x 72 inches

Not For Sale


Autumn In The Gatineau

Inspiration came from a photo taken in the fall in the Gatineau. I used the colours from the photo to create this landscape.

100% cotton fabric, polyester threads, 20/80 batting. Techniques: machined stitched and quilted.

Framed: 13 inches x 16 inches

Not For Sale



Cora, my cousin, gave me her costume jewelry. In magazines, I saw art made with jewelry. This inspired me to make this piece.

Jewelry, wool, wool roving, cheesecloth, yarn. Techniques: felting and hand stitching.

Framed: 10 inches x 10 inches

Not For Sale