Artist Bio

Andree Faubert

I love all things textile – from quilts to fibre art. I’m so grateful that I get to play with fibre, learn new techniques, make beautiful pieces and evolve as an artist.


Embroidery Wall Art

Please let me play

Inspiration: Expressing my deep desire to play using a dye clean-up rag since everything is worthy of being made into art. Workshop with Vanessa Marr.

Techniques and materials: Embroidery, Sashiko, appliqué on cotton using thread on hand-dyed scraps mounted on a fabric covered canvas with wooden clothe pins

Mounted on canvas: 14 inches x 14 inches

Not for sale

Collage Wall Art

The Light Beyond

Inspiration: Made for “Dust off an old quilt book” blog hop. The curtain of sari silk strands creates an aura of mystery with lights beyond.

Techniques and materials: Stuffed connected rolls made of hand-dyed cotton. Hand-dyed organza free motion quilted with silk thread, curtained with sari silk strands.

Mounted on canvas: 14 inches x 11 inches


Embroidery Wall Art

Ciboulette Stitches

Inspiration: The Ciboulette (chives) flowers are immortalized on a pretty hand-stitched piece made during a workshop with Sue Stones in the Stitch Club 2020.

Techniques and materials: Cotton woven background embroidered with perle cotton and quilted with embroidery floss

Hung: 7.25 inches x 10.25 inches


Quilting Wall Art

Yellow flower madness

Inspiration: Who would have thought that free motion quilting from the back, following a flowered pattern could end up in such a delightful piece?

Techniques and materials: Whole cloth quilt free motion quilted with regular and metallic thread and then beaded.

Hung: 17.5 inches x 18.5 inches


Quilting Wall Art

Bonjour la vie

Inspiration: The freedom of improvisational piecing lets me play with beautiful fabrics and colours. Curves, circles and fiery colours bring to mind orbiting planets.

Techniques and materials: Batik fabrics, improv piecing, free motion quilting with silk thread

Hung: 18.5 inches x 16 inches

Not for sale