Artist Bio

Juanita Sauve

Creating Fibre Art is about sharing my connection with nature. It is a way to convey my ideas, stories and values. More than a business, creating fibre art is self expression; slightly addictive and extremely therapeutic!





Fabric or Paper Collage

Moonlight Serenade

Inspired by the full moon rising over the ocean creating pathways on water and illuminating the clouds.

Strips of fabric heavily machine stitched to blend, are covered in fine tulle then mounted on painted gallery canvas.

Mounted: 14 inches x 11 inches

$450 – Contact via email


Backyard Creatures

Foliage and flowers are great hiding places for a foxy fox and two curious raccoons. This pair of hoops is inspired by our urban wildlife!

Pair of 2 embroideries hand stitched with perle cotton and dmc floss, mounted in 4” flexible hoops.

Hung: 4 inches x 4 inches

⬤ $140 – Sold



A colourful pair of seasonal embroideries celebrating Spring and Fall!

Pair of hand embroideries on linen with perle cotton and dmc floss, mounted in 6” flexible hoops.

Hung: 6 inches x 6 inches

$150 – Contact via email

Mixed Media

Together Again

One of a series of pieces I made during our first lockdown. Dreaming of a time when we can be together again, I created this image of three carefree friends hand in hand on the beach.

Paint on fabric, hand stitched, tulle and appliqué mounted on canvas in floating frame.

Framed: 15 inches x 12 inches

$400 – Contact via email