Artist Bio

Margaret Dunsmore

I enjoy making wall art that engages the viewer on aesthetic, intellectual, emotional and sometimes spiritual levels.


Quilting Wall Art

Golden Elder

Inspiration: Honouring a beautiful golden elder that adorned our yard, but was removed because it was touching and killing the branches of a neighbour’s tree.

Techniques and materials: Machine piecing, raw edge machine applique, machine quilting

Hung, soft mount: 20 inches x 78 inches


Collage Wall Art

The Power Within – A Diptych

Inspiration: The power of tectonic plates. Convergence features a plate moving below another at a coastline. Hot spot represents shifting below the sea.

Techniques and materials: Raw edge machine applique using batik and hand dyed cottons. Machine quilting.

Mounted on canvas: 24 inches x 27 inches


Mixed Media Wall Art

Waiting for Juan

Inspiration: Empathy for those in the path of a violent storm, nervously awaiting its arrival, or dealing with the aftermath.

Techniques and materials: Needle punched wool through cotton backing, machine applique; organza layered over; machine embroidery on top

Mounted on canvas: 12 inches x 24 inches


Mixed Media Wall Art

Night Sky – A Diptych

Inspiration: Long exposure photos of star trails.

Techniques and materials: Star Trails uses machine embroidery on batik, with beads. Spectral Blooms is a playful interpretation of the theme with machine piecing and embroidery.

Mounted on canvas: 10 inches x 23 inches


Quilting Wall Art

Going Home

Inspiration: The excitement, uncertainty and hopefulness in the steps of people returning to their communities and homes after a period of forced abandonment.

Techniques and materials: Machine pieced and quilted cotton prints and hand dyes.

Hung: 40 inches x 66 inches


Quilting Wall Art

Seeds of Love, Hope, Optimism

Inspiration: The late Jack Layton’s sincerity, honesty and commitment to his ideals; leadership qualities now magnified in Ukraine President Zelensky.

Techniques and materials: Machine piecing and quilting; photo transfer.

Hung: 23 inches x 26 inches


Quilting Wall Art

In Ruins

Inspiration: Nature’s triumph. In 1711 construction began on a huge monastery in Antigua, Guatemala. It was finished four years later, but was demolished in 1751 after a third major earthquake.

Techniques and materials: Raw edge machine applique, photo transfer, machine couching and quilting; lower border a weft Ikat from Guatemala.

Hung: 20 inches x 16 inches


Quilting Wall Art

On Stage at Chipppendale’s

Inspiration: Using freeform cutting and print fabrics suitable for human features, I created an amusing portrait of the staid Inspector Maigret.

Techniques and materials: Hand applique.

Hung: 12 inches x 30 inches