Artist Bio

Wendy Chaytor

I have always loved working with my hands. Felting with natural fibres such as wool, silk & alpaca fibre offers endless possibilities to create art that is not only beautiful to look at but also lovely to use or wear.


Felting Three-Dimensional Art

Stronger Together

Inspiration: A tribute to the military family. Military members (poppy) are supported and made stronger by their families (dandelion).

Techniques and materials: The poppy is wet felted from wool & silk. The seeds of the dandelion are made from silk set into a wool centre.

Free standing: 7 inches x 12 inches x 4.5 inches


Felting Three-Dimensional Art


Inspiration: Dandelions represent the strength and resilience of military children. The scattered seeds represent the bonds and friendships that develop with each family posting.

Techniques and materials: The seeds are made from 100% silk, set into a needle felted wool core. The stem is wet felted onto wire.

Free standing: 4.5 inches x 10.5 inches x 4.5 inches


Felting Wall Art

Blowing in the Wind

Inspiration: The dandelion seeds blowing in the wind represent the friendships military children form with each family posting. The yellow flowers represent their ability to flourish anywhere.

Techniques and materials: The dandelion seeds are handmade from silk fibres set into a wool core. The wool background is wet felted with needle felted flower details.

Mounted on canvas: 12 inches x 12 inches


Apparel and Accessories Felting

Wool Poppy Scarf

Inspiration: The poppies on linked stems celebrate the strength and honour of our military members.

Techniques and materials: Wet felted from 100% fine merino wool with silk accents.

Packaged: 12 inches x 58 inches


Felting Wall Art

Field of Poppies

Inspiration: The large poppies represent the serving members of our military and the smaller buds represent military children who grow up and answer the call of duty.

Techniques and materials: This picture was created by blending wool fibres with silk and ‘painting’ them onto a background of natural linen and pressing under glass.

Framed: 9 inches x 11 inches


Felting Toys and hobbies

English Garden Sewing Kit

Inspiration: This piece was created as a whimsical addition to your sewing room. Lovely to look at, use and play with!

Techniques and materials: The needle felted wool pincushion sits in a china teacup. The wool sheep, trees and acrylic flowers are on pins so they can be moved around.

Free standing: 5 inches x 7.7 inches x 5 inches


Felting Three-Dimensional Art

First Ballet Recital

Inspiration: This figurine captures the shy, nervousness of a young ballerina just before her first ballet recital.

Techniques and materials: Needle felted with wool and silk on a wire armature. The ballerina’s hair and bodice are adorned with glass seed beads.

Free standing: 5.5 inches x 8 inches x 5 inches


Apparel and Accessories Dyeing and Surface Design

Maple Leaf Forever

Inspiration: Wanting to get closer to nature, this scarf captures permanently the details and structure of maple leaves.

Techniques and materials: Eco-print on 100% silk scarf using maple leaves and logwood bark dye.

Packaged: 10 inches x 52 inches